Skills, Knowledge and Organisational Performance


An over-arching aim of our current (Phase 4) research programme is to help formulate a ‘better set of questions’, and to re-frame policy problems within a wider context.

We will achieve this by building on our Phase 3 research programme  and through maintaining and extending our tradition for comparative research. We regard this as essential to any meaningful analysis. A key element to achieving the Phase 4 research programme is fostering research to be undertaken via PhD students and our post-doctoral researchers.

Our current research projects  include:

  • The Developing and Understanding Vocational Excellence (DuVE) suite of projects. Led by Susan James and Ken Mayhew
  • Who are Private Training Providers, and what training do they provide?  Led by Susan James and Ewart Keep
  • Leadership in a world of change: Understandings of, and leadership strategies to deal with emerging models of ‘localism’. Led by Ewart Keep
  • Skills and economic development in Oman. Led by Ken Mayhew
  • The hourglass labour market and occupational mobility. Led by Craig Holmes and Ken Mayhew