Skills, Knowledge and Organisational Performance

SkOP ¦ Episode 3 ¦ COVID-19 and the green economy

Season 1: The L-Shape

Episode 3 – COVID-19 and VEthe green economy

Produced by Ashmita Randhawa (@Rand_Ash) and James Robson (@elpug). Music composed and performed by Francis Pugh and the Whisky Singers.

Guests : Dr Gavin Killip , Researcher at the Environmental Change Institute (@ecioxford) , and Dr Steve Puttick @Steve_Puttick, Associate Professor of Teacher Education, Oxford University Department of Education (@OxfordDeptofEd).

So, we’ve covered a lot so far. We’ve looked at the impact of COVID-19 on youth unemployment, and on vocational education and training. This week, we will look at education and skills development in anticipation of green economy.

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