Skills, Knowledge and Organisational Performance

Impact and User Involvement

SKOPE’s research programme covers many areas of relevance to academics across a broad range of disciplines (education, continuing education and lifelong learning, economics and labour market studies, sociology, employment relations and human resource management, labour process, strategic management, social policy and public policy).  It is also relevant for many dimensions of public policy,  not least those concerned with poverty reduction, progression out of low paid work, inter-generational social mobility, productivity enhancement, workplace innovation, and international competitiveness.

SKOPE has a long-established track record of working with government departments and agencies across the UK and abroad.  The departments and organisations involved at UK government level include:  the UK Cabinet Office, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, H M Treasury, the Home Office, the Higher Education Funding Council for England, the Learning and Skills Development Agency, the National Audit Office, Ofqual, UCAS, Sector Skills Development Agency and UKCES.  SKOPE has also worked with an array of government departments and agencies in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  Abroad SKOPE has advised government departments and agencies in Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Norway and the Gulf, as well as working with international bodies such as the ILO, OECD, and the World Skills Foundation.

SKOPE’s research network: From its inception in 1998 SKOPE was designed to be an inclusive centre and to enlist the interest and expertise of a range of academics and, to a lesser extent, practitioners that went well beyond staff at our host institutions.  Our network of associate fellows numbers about 100 researchers in the UK and abroad.  Besides offering staff who are sometimes operating at the fringes of their discipline and who may be the only VET specialist within their departments membership of a broader research community, the network has also been deployed as a central research resource for the Centre.  It gives SKOPE access to multi-disciplinary research expertise beyond its core staff and offers network members the opportunity to obtain research support and to operate within the context of a collective research effort.